Why Your Company Needs Engineering Document Control Software

Posted July 3, 2023

Any engineering company or corporation that has engineers on board needs to choose the best engineering document control software available. This should be considered essential as it relates to the overall success of an engineering project. When it’s time to choose the best document control solution, consider the following key factors: 

Document Control Software Features

The software should provide all of the features required to effectively manage documents, which includes access control, version control, collaboration tools, reporting capabilities, audit trails and much more. You should be only considering software that is customizable since this will provide your company with the flexibility it needs to configure the software to meet your specific needs.


Look for intuitive software that is user-friendly so that anybody that has access to the documents can access and manage their documents quickly. The interface should be very easy to navigate. If a staff member is on a phone call and needs to pull up a document, this should be easy to access with the simple click of a button. Look for document control software that offers all of the basic features you need plus the unique capability to be flexible while still providing ease-of-use.

Document Control Solution Security Features

When you’re selecting the best engineering software, look for an enterprise document control solution. Keep your documents safe document Control software offers secure storage so that your company can remain in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Software Scalability

Any company is expecting their business to grow and expand throughout the years. You won’t want to start off with one software and then have to switch over to another one when your company grows. Look for engineering document control software that can grow with your company by providing support for large volumes of documents, has the ability to add new users and with the flexibility to integrate with other systems when need be.

User Feedback

Find out what others think about the document control software you’re considering. Contact the company and ask for references so that you can feel 100% comfortable about your choice of software. This way you’ll learn if there are any potential limitations or issues with the software before getting the opportunity to use it in real world situations.

Consider the Cost 

Be careful of investing in software that is sold at a price that seems to be too good to be true. The software cost should be reasonable and fit into your organizational budget. High quality software will provide good value for your money and a high return on investment.

Choosing the right engineering document control software involves examining many different factors including the features it offers, its scalability, the cost, the support offered by the company after the sale, the use of integration, its level of security, trusted reviews and more. The best way to learn about any high-quality document control solution is to try it out for yourself by using a demo provided by the company that offers it. This way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision with complete confidence when making your purchase.