9 Key Features to Look for in Electronic Document Control Software

Posted July 13, 2021

9 Key Features to Look for in Electronic Document Control Software

While there are a lot of different electronic document control software options available, there are some key features that will separate the good software from the bad. When you are trying to choose the best document management software available, there are some key features, aspects and tools to consider. When you find the right electronic document control software for your company, you’ll find that managing your documents is easier and you’ll have more time to dedicate to other important tasks.

Here are the most important key features to look for when you’re shopping for an electronic document control software:

1. Document Collaboration and Sharing

The software you choose should allow you to share files with others that need to see them and collaborate to edit them. Some types of software systems allow a document to be edited by two people at the same time while others have a feature that allows only one user at a time the opportunity to work on a given document. Some electronic document control software provides both options.

2. Ease-Of-Use

The document control solution you choose should be user-friendly. It doesn’t mean anything if the program is loaded with hundreds of features if it doesn’t provide ease-of-use. Look for document management software systems that are extremely user-friendly so that even employees that aren’t tech savvy can access the documents they need.

The best way to determine whether an electronic document control software is easy to use is to try a free demo of it. This way, you’ll find out for yourself everything that is involved with the use of it. You should never purchase software for document management without having the chance to try it out first.

3. Optical Character Recognition and Image Scanning

These are both useful features for any business that has a variety of paper records that need to be digitized. The first step involves scanning the paper to turn the document into a digital file. OCR is useful when a digitized project that is quite large needs to be done. This feature allows the user to read text that is on an image and then make this content searchable. The process allows metadata to be filled out automatically so that the user can easily search for the particular document later.

4. Version Control

Keep track of any changes that have been made to a document using version control. The best electronic document control software will allow you to make these changes while at the same time archiving older versions. This way, the user will be able to review any changes that have been made over time and if necessary, revert back to the older version.

5. Automation of Workflow

The automation of workflow allows tasks to move forward automatically. Once a document has been generated it can automatically be sent to the appropriate employee for approval. A notification will then be sent to the team manager that the task has been completed. If there are any further actions required on the document, this can be automatically sent to the next person in line. Document management software systems should allow you to customize your workflows to keep the business running like a well-oiled machine.

6. Electronic Signatures

Many documents will require a signature from an employee so make sure that the electronic document control software you choose includes the feature to add electronic signatures. The system should be able to integrate easily with an e-signature program or tool, allowing easy access to electronic signatures. Documents can then be sent to employees along with the request for a signature when required.

7. Cloud Based Document Control Software

Look for cloud-based document control software and never settle for anything less. Your documents need to be kept safe and secure on the cloud. If they are stored on a hard drive, no matter how big and effective it may be, there is always a chance that they may be lost due to hardware failures or somebody hacking into the software. It’s especially important for any company that has sensitive files to look for document control software that is cloud-based.

8. Can Be Accessed Worldwide

It is important to look for cloud-based document control software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In today’s digital world it’s crucial to have document control software that can be accessed on a mobile device. Look for document management software systems that have a mobile app or an online portal where the documents can be easily accessed.

Even if your business isn’t global right now, you should always plan for expansion. In a year or two your teams may be scattered across the world and this is why it’s so important to have easily accessible electronic document control software in place. It is also useful to have this feature for employees that need to take some time off work but may still need to access an important document when they are on the road.

9. Document Control Solution Best Business Practices

If you are a company that has to adhere to compliance reports, you’ll need to have a system that works for you. Get text messages and incoming reminders on your dashboard when compliance reports need to be filled out.

The document control solution you find that will work the best for your business will come from a company that offers support after the purchase. The company should also work with you initially to help customize the software according to your business needs. Don’t rely on cookie-cutter types of document control solutions that are not customizable. Every business is structured differently and will need access to a variety of different features.

We invite you to take a free demo of our cloud-based document control software on our website at interaxgrp.com. We will answer all of the questions you may have and will give you the information you need to make an informed choice before making a purchase.