When your employees work remotely, they often require access to files and records that are typically stored in your central office, either in a file cabinet or on a server. Our new cloud-based solution makes these files and records easily accessible with just a few clicks on any device. You can view the necessary documents, collaborate on them, and submit changes for review. This streamlined workflow remains consistent, whether you’re working inside or outside the office.

Storage and Redundancy

Many small businesses still rely on traditional methods such as central servers in a small office or file cabinets for document storage. However, these methods pose significant risks. Break-ins or natural disasters could lead to irreversible data loss since backup data is often stored in the same location.

Our cloud-based solution eliminates these risks. Your data is securely stored in the cloud, ensuring accessibility from anywhere. Additionally, backups are distributed across multiple locations, minimizing the chance of data loss. In case of any issue, our administrators can swiftly restore your data, allowing you to resume business seamlessly.


When your employees are tasked outside the office they often need access to files and records that are typically located somewhere in your central office either in a file cabinet or on a server. With our new cloud based solution, all files and records will be a few button clicks away on any device where you will be able to view the required document or collaborate on it and submit your changes for review. The workflow will never have to change whether inside or outside the office.


Rest easy knowing your data is safeguarded with top-tier encryption and multi-level security measures. We’ve partnered with a leading global software provider to guarantee the utmost security and reliability across your network. Our active directory, SSL, and firewall protections ensure your connections are secure. Your data is in safe hands – we’ve got you covered.


Our cloud systems provide you with the flexibility to control your required speed and access it when you need it. You no longer have to maintain outdated, costly, power-hungry servers tucked away in a closet, which drain your financial resources. Say goodbye to expensive upgrades, repairs for your networked systems, and costly IT support. By transitioning to our cloud servers, you ensure that you’re always equipped with the most current hardware, software, and security features available.

Network Infrastructure

With our cloud-based solution, we offer comprehensive storage, top-notch security, and high-speed bandwidth to keep your company ahead of the competition. We manage everything in-house and deliver it to your business seamlessly through a gigabit connection, ensuring high productivity levels and eliminating server maintenance. Our cloud-based system seamlessly integrates with your existing active directory and provides the option to use our all-encompassing compliance solution. Moreover, we can customize our cloud system to meet your specific needs, offering multi-tiered backups and the choice to store essential documents in the cloud or on your local server. Whichever option you select, we provide a tailored solution to suit your requirements.

Cloud-Based Document Control Software