Corrective Action

Corrective Action

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End the paper trail and increase your level of success with Paradigm 3’s Corrective Action software. Our flexible form design enables different forms to be made available for different types of CAPA’s, such as customer complaints, nonconformance’s, audit findings, corrective actions etc. User designed workflows can be built to suit any investigative process ensuring that each investigative action is executed to completion in a structured and controlled manner. The ability to attach external information and link to any other information within our system ensures that a complete picture of the investigation and resolution is available from one form.

Not only does Paradigm 3’s Corrective Action software identify the problem, it is the cost-effective solution that ensures your corrective actions are completed in a timely manner. Collecting clear concise data will ensure you reduce your cost of quality and enable you to provide improved and more consistent products or services.

Paradigm 3 Corrective Actions module offers the following features and benefits:

Paradigm 3 ensures all Corrective actions are logged in a clear and comprehensive fashion. Utilizing dropdowns were possible allows standardized word and phrases to be utilized at all critical points greatly enhancing the ability to analyses the data collected.

Our flexible workflows notify responsible personnel at each step of the issue’s investigation and resolution via our assigned action item system. To ensure tasks are completed on time our software also provides the ability for you to escalate items should they not be completed within the pre-determined timeframes enabling transparent accountability throughout the process.

Action items are delivered both within the system and also via email in a concise list delivered daily to the person’s inbox of all action items throughout the system that’s assigned to you. This list is in date order and clearly identifies any that are overdue.

We address one of the enduring problems of corrective action which is to ensure all agreed actions are kept in place following the investigation and implementation phase has ended. Our notification system can be easily set to notify assigned personnel at any period following the closing of a investigations to review actions to ensure they are still in place and have effectively solved the issue.

Action items are delivered both within the system and also via email in a concise list. This list is delivered daily to the person’s inbox clearly identifying all action items throughout the system that are assigned to you. This list goes in date order and clearly indicates any that are overdue.

Paradigm 3 provides extensive searching capabilities not only searching by title or field but also the ability to do layered searches that involve multiple fields giving you quick and concise results that pinpoint the records you specifically need.

Our software provides the ability to rapidly analyse data utilizing our flexible analysis tool integrated into this module. We also provide the ability to export data into other formats such as excel for further analysis