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ISO 14001 Document Control Software

Effective Environmental Management begins with Paradigm 3.

Paradigm 3 delivers an easy-to-use suite of applications to manage the challenges of your ISO 14001 system in one simple solution. Put an end to incessant lists, spreadsheets and follow-up emails and save valuable time and money!

Paradigm 3 ISO 140001  software, provides numerous tools to assure you meet and managing the requirements of this stringent standard such as documents, training, incidents and risk management details of these are shown below.

Targeted action items are delivered via email and are accessible through a personalized dashboard; ensuring tasks are carried out on time. Moreover Paradigm 3 software can be used ‘out of the box’ or you can customized it to suit the specific needs of your organization utilizing our flexible workflows and style designer!

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Paradigm 3 ISO 14001 Document Control Software

ISO 14001 Software

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Document Control

Controls all aspects of document creation, review, approval and release. Our targeted action items ensure a seamless work flow through the various phases of a document life cycle including notification of scheduled reviews and real time revision logs.

Incident Reports and Investigation/ CAPA

Our improvement generator module provides highly flexible processing and reporting on all requirements where an investigative workflow is required. Ensuring various steps are carried out and appropriate personnel are informed in a timely manner. Paradigm 3 not only informs persons of required actions it also allows instant access to status of individual or all outstanding issues.


Manages and tracks required education and training. Integrated into our software is the ability to apply test and questionnaires associated with any task or documents. These automated assessments greatly reduce the effort in showing competence h. Action items notify applicable personnel indicating clearly what training is required, where it will be held and when. Keeping your whole training matrix in control and proactive.

Risk Management

The Paradigm 3 Risk Management methodology provides a solution for measuring and assessing risk by allowing calculated fields with association formulas to be placed within any record in the Resources Cabinet or Improvement Generator. This outstanding capability allows companies to assess risk on an incident-by-incident basis, whether it is quality, safety, environmental, or general business.

Internal Audit Management

We provides control, notification, and tracking over all facets of audit management. Our software features reminders of dates for review. Tracking of corrective actions assigned for critical issue identified, instant notifications are sent to all designated parties through all investigation and resolution phases.

Calibration Maintenance Management

Fully flexible forms to ensure the system is compatible with all types of equipment and instrument calibration or maintenance notifications. Calibrations are made easy with automatic notifications that can be scheduled for distribution according to each piece of equipment and their associated calibration/maintenance dates.