Internal Audit Management

Internal Audit Management

Easy Auditing

The Paradigm 3 Audit Management module provides control, notification, and tracking over all facets of audit management. With regular scheduled audits, the module administers up-to-date information while identifying and implementing areas of improvement via a link to corrective actions. Should a critical issue be identified, instant notifications are sent to all designated parties.

This highly flexible system can be configured to suit the needs of your organization. You can be confident that your company is operating with full control, without spending valuable time scheduling and conducting follow-ups.

Paradigm 3 audit management module offers the following features and benefits:

Scheduling of audits and notifying of auditor and dept. heads of area to be audited are easily accomplished utilizing our action item and scheduling tool.

Corrective actions on issues identified in audits are entered into our improvement module. This module provides a structured framework for automated root cause investigation, action planning and resolutions workflows. Assigned tasks are given to appropriate staff to ensure corrective actions are completed on time and resolve issues identified.

Master copies of all audit checklists along with copies of completed audits are managed within our document control modules. Findings from audits are then linked to specific corrective actions in our improvement module ensuring a complete audit package is available at all times.

Notifications can be set to dropdowns within the form that would trigger action items to be delivered automatically to a much wider group of persons should a major audit finding complaint be identified so that they may participate in the investigation and resolution.

Paradigm 3 provides extensive searching capabilities not only searching by title or field but also the ability to do layered searches that involve multiple fields giving you quick and concise results that pinpoint the records you specifically need.

Our software provides the ability to rapidly analyse data utilizing our flexible analysis tool integrated into this module. We also provide the ability to export data into other formats such as excel for further analysis.