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The Interax Group Inc. is a provider of software solutions and consulting services to meet the requirements of healthcare, manufacturing, and service industries. Interax Group was founded in 1995 as a quality management consulting organization helping over 250 companies through to successful ISO certification.

Since 1998 Interax has been bringing software solutions to North America. In 1998 Interax introduced Paradigm Document Control and Compliance Management software in North America. Paradigm 3 software is a fully flexible document control and compliance management package that can be utilized to manage all aspects of your Quality Environmental and/or Safety Program.

This was followed by the introduction of FLAGS Software from Touch Systems, a revolutionary software that is bringing the concept of the Smart Factory to North America. This software enables data on issues and traceability to be collected via touch screen tablets or trackside stations via checklists, visual images and integration with legacy software. Providing a complete picture of end to end process performance and real time reporting on vehicles, boats and other assemblies. For more info on FLAGS software please visit


In all cases technical support and on and offsite training is provided through our offices in North America. Our support not only includes help with technical software matters, but also on how best to personalize and utilize our software in your environment to ensure your optimal success.

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