Document Control Software

Document Control Software

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Document Control in a compliance environment can be a very time consuming, challenging task. In today’s regulated industries, Paradigm 3 document control software is invaluable in reducing the effort, frustrations and cost associated with ensuring your policies and procedures are up to date and accurate. Simply putting a procedure up on a website or on a common drive to meet the requirements of a structured program, such as ISO, CAP and CFR Part 11, is no longer an option.

Document Control Software

To meet these challenges, Paradigm 3 Document Control software provides a complete enterprise-wide solution for your organization. Our document control software provides all the workflows and records to address all requirements of an auditable document control system in a user-friendly environment. Have confidence in your system is in compliance through all aspects of the document lifecycle.

Document Control Solutions

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Provides total control over all document file formats including Word, Excel, Visio, Adobe, AutoCAD, JPGs, and GIFs.

Targeted action items provide automated review and approval notifications. These workflows are totally flexible by the user in message and routing.

Personnel are notified of assigned tasks associated with document control such as document reviews and approvals via email and internal Paradigm action items. Records of completion of those action items is kept directly associated with the document.

Utilizing Paradigm 3’s action item system document reviews are scheduled and automatic notifications sent to applicable personnel to perform them. Should reviews not be performed within the appropriate timeframe Paradigm provides the ability to escalate the action to appropriate persons for follow up action.

Gain the ability to provide document templates to ensure standardization of document format and style.

Documents can be accessed using unbreakable links enabling easy navigation to reference documents.

All evidence related to changes to documents such as who modified and approved document changes along with what text was changed is kept easily available attached directly to the document.

Your header and footer information is automatically updated using Live Headers. This feature ensures you always have the meta data such as version, authorizer, release date displayed.

Create your own forms and meeting minutes templates in Word or Excel that ensure end users follow standard formats when completing forms and issuing minutes.Have confidence the documents you and your colleagues are accessing are the latest version at all times. Paradigm 3 Document Control software ensures you have complete confidence that your compliance system is monitored and in control at all times.