Approved Vendors

Approved Vendors

Approval Monitoring

The Paradigm 3 Approved Vendors database provides an extensive solution for monitoring and approving your vendors’ performance. In addition to keeping records of vendor status, this dynamic tool notifies you of scheduled reviews and score vendors directly within the database record.

Specific vendor ratings trigger the necessary notifications that are then sent to the appropriate personnel for their attention. Additionally, document evidence can be linked to the record for support scorings and ratings.

Utilizing our Paradigm 3 approved vendor tracking software ensures that all vendors are monitored and reviewed on a consistent and ongoing basis. Ensuring your supply base is providing consistent quality to meet your needs.

The Paradigm 3 Approved Vendors database offers the following features and benefits:

Paradigm 3 records module enables customized forms to be developed to suit your specific needs for tracking vendor approval from contact information to tracking of performance.

Automated notifications of vendor recertification requirements can be set against each individual company record. These action item notifications can be assigned to go to all applicable staff and also be sent to the vendor.

Vendor issues can be easily tracked by entering them in the vendor nonconformance form. This form provides a structured workflow for root cause through resolution and verification of actions taken. This form is linked directly to the vendor record.

Paradigm 3 provides extensive searching capabilities not only searching by title or field but also the ability to do layered searches that involve multiple fields giving you quick and concise results that pinpoint the records you specifically need.

Our software provides the ability to put weighted fields within the forms which enable quick and easy assessment of each vendor to be accomplished based on consistent criteria.

Our software provides the ability to rapidly analyse data utilizing our flexible analysis tool integrated into this module. We also provide the ability to export data into other formats such as excel for further analysis.