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Paradigm 3 OSHA software provides the solution to drive your Occupational Health and Safety effort in a timely, integrated process.

Getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time to serve the right objectives is critical for a successful implementation of an OSHA policy. Using Paradigm 3, people and processes are brought together to create an operational synergy which improves outputs and reduces risk to personnel and equipment. This preservation of resources is key to successful OSHA compliance.

An effective Paradigm 3 OSHA management system can assist an organization to:

  • Set Document Control principles.
  • Set out and achieve conformance to OSHA policy and objectives.
  • Establish, assess and review the effectiveness of procedures.
  • Ensure accidents and incidents are investigated in a timely and systematic manner.
  • Provide risk assessment tools to assist in accident and incident assessment.
  • Instant risk assessment on predetermined aspects of an issue.
  • Immediate notification should risk assessment show critical levels.
  • Flexible workflows sending e-mail notifications to personnel of required actions.
  • Provide confidence that all safety related equipment is calibrated and in good repair.
  • Track and schedule committee meetings, ensuring all assigned tasks are addressed.
  • Training is completed and all persons are competent.

Paradigm 3 OSHA Software provides you with a proven, cost effective solution that is simple and user friendly, allowing for the daily execution of your business systems from anywhere in the world! Whether running on your network or your intranet, Paradigm 3 will help you ensure your business problems are managed and controlled proactively.

The Paradigm 3 Risk Management methodology provides a solution for measuring and assessing risk by allowing calculated fields with association formulas to be placed within any record in the Resources Cabinet or Improvement Generator. This outstanding capability allows companies to assess risk on an incident-by-incident basis, whether it is quality, safety, environmental, or general business.

Not only does this powerful module calculate the risk of an occurrence, it also automatically sends notifications to authorized personnel of calculated risks that have reached a pre-determined benchmark. This ensures immediate response to critical issues.

Paradigm 3 OSHA management software effectively strengthens health and safety practices throughout your company.

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