Training Records

    Training Records

    Training Simplified

    Ensuring that personnel are trained and have the appropriate experience is one of the most challenging issues in today’s regulated environment. The fully customized Paradigm 3 Training Module provides extensive capabilities regarding documenting tracking and managing personnel training and competency records. This module provides highly flexible forms to track all types of training records from basic qualification records to specific training that is provided in process and practice. In addition, Paradigm 3 has a targeted action item system that not only ensures that the training is complete; it manages notifications of required periodic retraining such as safety training records.

    The Paradigm 3 Training Module also features an extensive search function that enables you to find who is trained as well as what type of training is due in the next three months. For example: by person, occupation, or skill.

    Paradigm 3 Training Module is tailored to your company’s needs. It will save you valuable time from the tedious, labor intensive task of managing your training records while giving you the confidence that your system is in complete control.

    The Paradigm 3 training records module offers the following features and benefits: