Paradigm 3 document control and compliance software at IQMH

Interax Group Inc is pleased to be sponsoring at the IQMH’s symposium April 3rd – 4th 2014 at the St Andrew’s Club and Conference Centre in Toronto, Ontario. This event designed for Pathology and Medical Laboratory professionals will focus on bringing a window on new trends and best practices in your industry. We will be on-site to answer any questions or requests on our Paradigm 3 compliance management software and how it can advance efficiency and quality in a laboratory setting. We are energized and eager to be a part of this symposium and look forward to meeting top professionals in the pathology and laboratory field.

If you haven’t already made arrangements to attend, we highly encourage you to register now and participate in this important conference. If you are unable to attend but would like info on our software click here.

Interax Group release Lean Six Sigma Module for Paradigm 3 Software

Paradigm Software Australia, developer of the Paradigm 3 document control software in conjunction with the Interax Group Inc introduces their new module for managing your lean six sigma program.

Lean Six Sigma is a program that combines the speed and impact of lean with the quality and variation control tools of Six Sigma enabling you to achieve rapid improvement in both operation and quality.

Paradigm 3 Lean Six Sigma module provides the answer to a number of challenges for managing your program, including clear indication of status, complete outline of data to be collected, all project related information in one location available to all team members.

Our solution provides a step by step approach that collects data on integrated forms that follow the DMIAC process managing the project through all phases from development to control.

Paradigm Lean Six Sigma module is completely configurable to suit your process enabling you to design the content that is collected within each step. Gated approvals ensure each step of the DIAMC process is completed and signed off by assigned personnel. Paradigm 3 also provides the ability to attach supportive documents such as straw diagrams, process flows, photographs etc directly to the applicable step of the DIAMC project ensuring that the progress on the project and all applicable supportive documents are available through one portal.

Paradigm 3 introduces a system forms style designer

The new Style Designer tool within Paradigm 3 enables end users to easily build and customize database type forms. The Style designer is developed to enable personnel to build and customize database forms with no assistance required from outside groups such as consultants or IT. Assuring that your system is completely customized quickly and easily to meet your requirements and needs. The style designer can be used in our Records module which is used to house static data, our Improvement module which is used where any investigative processes are required and in the Training modules which tracks and schedules training.

This new tool means that end users with appropriate permissions can build and customize forms easily and quickly. It is as simple as selecting the type of field i.e. date field and selecting the location, then going on to the next field – it has become that simple to create your own form. Once the form is created the fields then become live enabling them to be searched and reports and analysis to be generated off them. Paradigms style designer even allows Word or Excel forms to be inserted directly into them with two clicks of a mouse.

Paradigm Software helps Spectra Laboratories achieve ISO 15189

Spectra Laboratories has become ISO 15189 accredited Spectra Laboratories is a division of Fresenius Medical Care of North America and is the leading provider of renal-specific laboratory testing services in the United States. Spectra is the 5th laboratory in the US to be accredited to ISO 15189 and the second lab using Paradigm Software.

In their successful attempt to become registered certified Spectra Laboratories chose Paradigm Document and Compliance Management Software tool assist them in meeting the stringent requirements of the standard. Betty Lim, Director of Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs, states “Paradigm was central in assisting us in reaching this milestone for our organization.”

Gary Halford President of Interax Group (North American supplier for Paradigm Software) said that all of us here would like to congratulate Spectra Labs on their great achievement

Tillsonburg District Memorial hospital decides to go hospital wide with Paradigm after gained experience in using Paradigm to manage the information related to there ISO 15189 equivalent program in the lab Tillsonburg Memorial will be utilizing Paradigm to control critical documents through all aspects of the hospital system, Interax will also be providing additional services such as project management and website design as part of this program. We look forward to working with Frank and his group on what we are sure will be a successful completion of this project said Gary Halford of Interax Group.

Champion Petfood selects Paradigm to manage there HACCP program we look forward to using Paradigm to control our Customer feedback system then move it into managing other areas of the program such as control plans and vendors said Champion Petfoods Sarah brown Interax looks forward to working with Champion Petfoods in implementation of this program.

HACCP stands for HAZARD ANALYSIS CRITICAL CONTROL POINTS which is a Government mandated food safety system that identifies food safety hazards (either microbial, foreign physical objects or chemical) and looks at how your business controls the hazards to ensure that you produce safe food.

Interax would like to congratulate William Osler Health System Laboratory Department on achieving accreditation to ISO 15189Plus by QMP-LS in Conjunction with the Standards Council of Canada. William Osler is a long time user of Paradigm Software to manage their quality system, Pat Burton Quality Coordinator feels it was central in the success of their quality program providing a solid structure on which to build the ISO 15180Plus program. Pat also said there is always concern on the amount of resources this will take but as your quality management system evolves and matures, there’s less work to keep it going. The quality framework is in place. There are many benefits that have been achieved by adopting the practices outlined in ISO 15189Plus including there has been a decrease in errors in many processes. Patient ID errors alone have been reduced by 50% and there has been a significant decrease in point-of-care nonconformance.

The OLA 15189Plus™ accreditation in addition to meeting the requirements of ISO 15189 also requires labs to meet a number of other rigorous requirements: the ISO 15190 standard on medical laboratory safety, the ISO 22870 standard for point-of-care testing and the Canadian Standards Association’s CSA-Z902 standard on blood safety. The Laboratory at WOHS had to ensure staff understood the accreditation process and requirements, and make sure that the resources required to meet accreditation requirements were available.

The William Osler Health System (WOHS) is one of Canada’s largest community hospital corporations serving the communities of Brampton, Etobicoke and surrounding areas in the Greater Toronto Area. WOHS hospitals include Etobicoke General, Brampton Civic and the soon-to-be redeveloped Peel Memorial. WOHS operates 773 in-patient beds and employs a team of more than 4,100 healthcare professionals. They serve a population of 1.3 million and its laboratories process over 100,000 specimens a month.

Interax is proud to be a sponsor of Lab Quality Confab in Atlanta this annual events attracts lab quality and lean six sigma professionals from across North America to an extensive array of lectures and practical examples of improving delivery of services within the healthcare industry. Interax will be demonstrating our P3 software which is ideal for managing lean six sigma and CAP 15189 initiatives in a cost effective user friendly package.

Wyoming Forensic Lab has recently purchased Paradigm software to assist them in managing various aspects of the ISO 17025 program they have successfully implemented in there facility. Interax looks for to working with all personnel on a successful implementation of our software.

ISO 17025 is an international standard that that provides a framework of requirements such as document control corrective action investigation etc for use in a lab environment. ISO 17025 has now become a mandatory requirement for Forensic Labs in North America

Interax is proud to introduce Paradigm, our new .NET-based software that takes your compliance management system to a higher level.  Paradigm uses “Smart Client” technology allowing you to manage your Quality, Environmental or Health and Safety compliance management system(s) from anywhere across the globe with full functionality!  No more dealing with the question of thick or thin clients when implementing the software across your organization.  Now one client does it all with the power and functionality of a thick client packaged with the convenience and speed of a thin client.  Whether you want to achieve document control, CAPA management, customer complaints management, equipment calibration management or any other requirement, Paradigm offers complete compliance management in one package!

Alcoa Warwick Plant Lab recently had their Quality Audit which measures all aspects of there quality system and received the highest rating for all 10 main aspects of the system the first time this had been achieved by any area in the plant and Paradigm was identified as a major reason for there success. An observation by the lead auditor stated Paradigm has many features which have improved the quality system, increased thoroughness, and improved turnaround times. All at Interax group congratulated the Alcoa group for their success.

US army selects Paradigm to manage their ISO 17025 program following an extensive RFQ process Aberdeen Testing labs selected Paradigm to manage their ISO 17025 program particularly as it relates to document control, corrective action and training records. This is our initial contract with the US army and we are very pleased to be involved with this initiative said Gary Halford President Interax Group and look forward to working with Aberdeen testing labs on the implementation process.

Piedmont Medical Labs recently became the first lab in the US to be registered in the newly introduced CAP 15189 program. This  Program was introduced in the 4th QTR 2008 by the College of American Pathologists with the intention to improve patient safety and reduce laboratory-related risks. Piedmont Medical labs a Paradigm customer since 2005 quickly recognized the value in adopting the system which has shown many advantages in the organization and was the 1st to be registered in Dec 2008. If you wish to view the full article on CAP 15189 click here.

Interax launches a new website for their Paradigm Compliance and Document Management software. We want to welcome all visitors to our new site which we hope will provide extensive information on the company’s software and provides an introduction to many of the features and advantages in utilizing Paradigm with existing Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety systems. While we hope this website is a portal into the advantages and functionality of our Paradigm software we hope you will contact us directly so we can demonstrate the full power of our products.

CETECOM Inc., a global testing and certifications lab for mobile and wireless communications, has selected Paradigm to manage their regulatory systems. Paradigm software will be used to manage multiple aspects of the CETECOM Inc. system including documents CAPA, complaints and training. We want to welcome Cetecom to the over 1200 companies worldwide that have selected Paradigm Software to assist in managing their Compliance Management system.

Following an extensive RFQ process, Paradigm has been selected by Capitol District Health Authority to develop and manage a quality system that meets the requirements of ISO 15189. Capitol Health is the leading hospital facility within the heath authority. Capitol Health intends to take advantage of Paradigms II’s flexible functionality to manage all aspects of their system. We are pleased Capitol Health has shown confidence in our software and look forward to working with them on this project.

Paradigm software wins the prestigious Gold Award for business excellence! This award is only given to organizations whose leadership qualities and innovation have moved beyond Management Systems and Certification to make them cutting edge leaders within their respective fields of industry. For the last three years, Paradigm software has placed among the nominees. Now, Paradigm has officially been inducted into Gold award recipient’s Hall of Fame.