Posted May 24, 2019

The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science “CSMLS” is again hosting their annual conference “LABCON 2019” this year being held at the Fredericton Convention Centre, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Ontario May 24th to May 26th 2019. The convention center is located in the heart of the city and is close to the famous St John River.
Fredericton a maritime community is dominated by the St John River which bisects the capitol and is the dominant feature of the city. Named for Prince Frederick of York, it is a youthful city due to the two large universities and is vibrant with art, culture and education. Also there are many bars, restaurants and coffee houses as well as art galleries, museums and music venues as befitting for such an historic city.

The mission statement of CSMLS is to advance the medical laboratory profession through certification, education and advocacy and they adhere to the values of integrity, accountability, respect and commitment. The yearly meeting is an exciting gathering from all across Canada of laboratory professionals, supervisors, technicians, managers, directors and educators reconnecting or meeting anew to explore new technologies and procedures and to benefit from the efforts of CSMLS.

“LABCON” offers the opportunity for professionals to increase their expertise with several hands-on and in-depth workshops. This year they are hosting a large number of topics over the four days of the conference. Many of the presentations this year are focused on quality practices and maintaining high standards in the laboratory and also focusing on accountability. Topics are being covered in many of the laboratory disciplines by a large number of presenters.

This year the Management Intensive Program focuses on the “Management of others in the Lab.”

Some of the more general topics this year include:

  1. Lab Management Transition-Big Bang Theory – Rich Bak MLT
  2. Stick with the Turkey you know – Christine Bruce BHA, MLT, CLQM, LSSBB
  3. Blood bank? This is trauma. We are activating the MTP – Nicole Caldwell Bsc MLT
  4. Twin placental pathology – Are they identical? – Cassie Buick PA
  5. Fluid morphology – Jonaki Manna MD FRCPSC

There is also a social aspect to the conference with a welcoming reception, opening ceremonies, and an exhibitor’s reception. On Saturday the President hosts a reception in the Beaverbrook Art Gallery. The conference will also host the CSMLS annual general meeting and an open forum.

As well as laboratory professionals attending a large number of exhibitors will also be attending “LABCON 2019” giving attendees a chance to see and experience new products and services relevant to their field. Paradigm 3 Compliance Management Software will again exhibit at the event, and they have been attending for the past several years and have had the chance to interact with many of Canada’s laboratory professionals. Paradigm 3 aids laboratories to maintain their policies, procedures and compliances in an efficient, easy to manage and cost effective way.