Explore the Benefits of Document Control Software for Training Management

Posted May 20, 2022

The best document control software can make a huge difference for your business. Don’t risk the potential loss of your accredited status due to unorganized training management documents. Use a document control software that can keep track of the training that your employees need in order to keep your accreditation status.

Discover the Best Document Control Solution to Keep Track of Employee Training

There is a lot more to training management than what most people realize. It’s not just a matter of keeping track of who attended the training sessions and who didn’t. Many companies need to keep their employees updated on the newest techniques due to industry standards and licensing requirements. It’s essential that you provide the correct proof of compliance to keep your company running at full steam.

Use a document control solution that offers a number of different functions including keeping track of the training events, the management and results of competency tests and the employees that have been trained. Leaders and managers will then be able to analyze and track the data to make sure that the business is compliant with the latest regulations.

Consistent Training Provided to Employees

Most companies are not able to get everyone in the same room at the same time to provide necessary information. In order to deliver consistent training, you’ll need to know who has attended the events and who hasn’t. Testing and training content can be uploaded online on the link provided through your document control software to all of the workers that should be in the know. You can notify the employees when it is available and have them report or take tests to confirmtheir compliance through the document control solution.
When all employees have finished the first level of the training you can go on to the next one knowing that everyone is getting trained at the same pace and will have the same level of understanding at the same time. You won’t have any questions regarding what type of training each worker received and whether or not it was completed. You can have the employees fill out compliance reports and send them to you as each training module is completed.

Simplify Compliance with the Right Document Management Software

When you use the best document management software on the market you’ll be able to map all the requirements for training according to individual accreditation standards. You’ll be able to do side-by-side comparisons to see what’s been completed and what still needs to be done. You’ll know whether your company and employees are meeting all of the accreditation deadlines and milestones on time. You can also set up alerts if there are any potential problems getting it done so that you can be forewarned ahead of time.

Encourage Training through Surveys and Feedback

Many employees would like to have the opportunity to engage in extra training at the company where they are currently employed. You can send out feedback and survey forms through the document control software console to increase engagement in order to keep employees happy. It costs a lot of money to lose employees and to train and onboard new ones. There is no need to replace as many workers when you can keep them motivated through ongoing training. This applies to companies that don’t require accreditation training classes as well as companies that do.

Training Records Management with the Paradigm 3

Use the Paradigm 3 document control solution to manage the following:

  • Gap analysis
  • Skills reports
  • Qualifications, skills, licenses
  • Competency testing and results

Use the Training Module to assess the gap analysis function to discover any training gaps. Use it to compare the job title and the position description to an employee’s training records. An analysis will be done that lists any incomplete and completed requirements.

The skills reports can also be obtained through the Training Module and you can get a report for a single worker or for multiple employees. First select “Job Title” and then open the option for “Training Analysis”. The training records of the staff will be compared to the list of requirements.

Keep track of the induction programs, external courses, in-house skills, qualifications and licenses that an individual has received or has taken part in. You can record all of this data and you can also attach reports, assessments and certificates as evidence in the Training Module. Document versions can be linked together for proper management and monitoring. Staff can also be notified automatically regarding any requirements for retraining.

The Paradigm 3 allows your organization to build a methodology for risk management that suits the needs of your company. Risk scores can be applied to all types of information documents that are stored within the system. The Paradigm 3 has the capability and flexibility to be customized according to your exact needs.
When the lifeblood of a company relies on training and licensing for its members, training management must be streamlined. Use document control software that will keep track of the employees that have been trained on best practices and the latest procedures to make sure that nobody falls within the cracks.

Beyond Training Requirements

A document control solution is much more than keeping track of training and licensing. You can use it for all of your document management needs. Anything that is in paper form can be scanned into the console so that the need for physical documents is eradicated. You can give permissions to different team members and leaders to access the information they require the most. You can also deny permission to anyone that doesn’t need access to the data.

When you’re looking for the best document control software on the market, look for one that is flexible enough to meet all of the needs for information management. Your company will be growing and evolving over the years so you’ll need software that can keep up with these continual changes. The Paradigm 3 is an investment in the future of your company and the best one to choose when you need something customizable. Learn more about this electronic cloud-based document system now and take it for a test drive at interaxgrp.com.