Combining Records Management with Compliance Management Makes Good Business Sense

Posted July 18, 2017

If you are operating an industry that is regulated you can now integrate your compliance and your records management together as one for fast and efficient record-keeping. Our software helps you stay up-to-date with the changing compliance regulations while at the same time offering security, privacy, and storage for all of your records.

Even the industries in fields where there are multiple nuances associated with the rules and regulations can use our software to their advantage to keep accurate records.Paper-based systems just can’t keep up with the load when a business expands and starts to take on more and more responsibility.

Our software for records management tracks the activities of users and provides trails for audits. Companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, service, test laboratory and healthcare laboratory fields, to name just a few, must keep strict records and apply due diligence in terms of compliance.

All industries can benefit from making the switch over to compliance and record-keeping software, which can be accessed from various locations by assigned users. Trucking fleets, for example, must keep track of the certificates and permits for not only the fleet but for the drivers as well. With our system, the paperwork can be scanned, added to the software and then sorted according to company records and individual driver files.

Record-keeping and compliance management go hand-in-hand and there is no reason why any company needs to continue using paper documents any longer. Businesses that make the switch over to this type of software can free up space that has been used for document storage for years and converts it into an area that is more useful.

Find out more about our Paradigm 3 Document and Compliance management software by contacting Interax at 1-800-884-3160 X 707. You can also look through our website at to see the many other benefits that this particular customizable software offers to both larger corporations and smaller businesses. Paradigm 3 offers sustainable solutions so that you can have complete confidence in your documents management system.