Using software with your ISO 9001 system in manufacturing to accelerate your profitability

Posted May 10, 2018

To ensure ISO 9001 is a central tool in your manufacturing facility, every employee in the organization should have a basic understanding of the order and flow of the organizational and companywide processes. Without understanding these processes, it’s difficult to diagnose problems and implement preventive or corrective actions.

Understanding and meeting requirements

Document control is central to understanding and meeting requirements of the ISO 9001. It is central to understand what is expected of employees and how to measure the performance compliance against a known standard procedure or instruction. Structured document control also enables improvements to be made against a known set of criteria, ensuring that changes implemented will in fact benefit the organization. The use of document control software such as Paradigm 3 makes the task of managing documents infinitely simpler.

Obtaining results of process performance and effectiveness

Once an organization understands its processes, it’s important to monitor performance to assess effectiveness. A quality management system should be a strategic part of the overall business model, so it’s imperative to determine if the processes are assisting the organization in meeting the overall objectives of why the process was initially created. For example, the purpose of a final inspection process is to ensure that nonconforming products are not delivered to customers. To achieve final inspection, criteria (i.e., inputs) must be defined so that the inspector can determine if the product meets requirements (output).

Driving continual improvement based on objective measurement

Having a robust quality management system is key to driving continual improvement. The use of the information provided from the quality system will be central to a company’s success in moving them forward. Tools such as analysis of CAR’s and customer complaints will point the organization forward on where to put the more emphasis in which to make the most improvement.

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