The ABCs of Document Control Software

Posted November 30, 2018

Document software streamlines a number of business processes and increases the efficiency of any business. No matter what type of industry or what size it is, management software can offer a lot of relief to businesses in the following ways.

  1. Manage literally thousand of documents and then retrieve the ones that are needed within a matter of seconds
  2. Automate manual processes that are extremely time-consuming and not cost-effective
  3. Protect confidential information
  4. Offer backup for records and files in case of disaster recovery
  5. Provide easy access to documents on mobile devices
  6. Easily share documents with other teams and colleagues

Document management can easily convert records, forms and documents into e-files with the click of a button. As well, the software must be able to provide top-notch security for all documents. The workflow functionality must also be automated to reduce the amount of tedious manual labour required. Folder structures must also be in place to store, organize and archive documents. The structure of these folders must match the needs of the company and must be able to be customized completely.

Documents must remain extremely easy to access from both mobile and desktop computers and employees should be able to edit any and all documents as required from all types of devices. This allows workers to access what they need when they are away from their desks or when they are out of their offices. These days, employees are much more mobile and need the flexibility to work from different areas.

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