Streamlined Corrective Action Solutions for Your Company

Posted April 24, 2017

It’s true that a company is only as good as the corrective action strategies it has in place.  When you consider the companies that have stood the test of time throughout history, you’ll notice that their abilities to find solutions (even when it seemed as though none were possible), led them to success. There will always be times when things need to be set straight and the actions taken should be done in a timely manner. The viability of any company hinges upon its ability to correct itself when necessary to keep things on track with the least amount of distractions.

Get the forms you need with our flexible design CAPA forms that are available for corrective actions, compliance problems, customer complaints and much more. These documents contain workflows customized for investigative processes so that all actions are completed in a structured manner.

Managers and other authorized personnel will be able to collect the precise information needed to identify problem situations and correct them as quickly as possible. Services and products will be streamlined as a result and offer consistency.

Action items identify the tasks that must be completed and are sent out to the employees that are responsible for them. These lists are sent out by email and through the system to all of the parties that are responsible for these actions or should know about them.

The workflows that can be established by the Paradigm 3 ensure that all personnel that should have access to the data are notified when each step of the investigation has been completed and when a resolution has been found. Time frames can be added and any task that hasn’t been completed on time can be escalated.

Our software also allows users to search by field, title or through a layered search. There is also an analysis tool provided so that the data can be examined further.

If you’re looking for a corrective active solution for your company, which will provide consistency in terms of the collection of data so that solutions can be found quickly, please visit our website at or call us directly at 1-800-884-3160 X 707.