Software for Handling Consumer Complaints

Posted April 9, 2018

Whether you are a manufacturing company, a retail establishment or an industry that deals with products or services, handling consumer complaints must be kept as a priority. Your reputation as a company depends on timely responses to complaints. Many companies that haven’t survived have failed to stay on top of this important part of customer service.

Consumer Complaint Software

Our Paradigm 3 software provides flexible reporting and processing when there are complaints that require an investigative workflow. Steps can be listed and then carried out by the appropriate personnel easily and efficiently since the software informs individual employees of their required actions. Instant access is also granted to learn more about any outstanding issues and the status of them.

Corrective actions can be implemented faster when each individual is aware of the tasks he must take to help resolve a problem. In some cases it may only be one employee that is in charge of the entire resolution while in other cases there may be a team assigned to handle a major dispute. With complaint software everything can be managed through one channel with no paperwork required.

Complete Customer Complaints Solutions

This type of software gives you the opportunity to boost your level of customer satisfaction while improving your efficiency. You can also manage all of your customer service inquiries, incoming emails as well as complaints filed on social media sites, your website or on a mobile app with customized assignments and workflows.

Follow up on the feedback you receive from consumers quickly and easily with the Paradigm 3. When you keep customer satisfaction at an all-time high, your business will profit as a result. Learn more about our complaint management solutions by visiting our website at today. You can also call us anytime if you have questions about our extensive line of document and compliance management solutions at 1-800-884-3160 x 707.