Software for Document Control in a Laboratory Environment

Posted December 13, 2022

Software for Document Control in a Laboratory Environment

It is vital that an efficient and flexible system be set up for the management of documents in a laboratory setting. This helps ensure easy retrieval of the documents when necessary and allows managers to check at any moment whether compliance procedures are all up to date. It’s vital that medical labs and companies doing testing have complete control over the protocols for document organization to maintain high standards and adhere to all regulatory requirements.

All medical companies, big and small, must have workflow automation in place. Software for document control in a laboratory environment is crucial for quality management and the ability to repeat any processes when necessary. It’s not enough, however, to use just any document management system. As a laboratory, you must use due diligence when choosing the best compliance management software to meet your needs.

Laboratory Document Control Software

Any type of testing company or medical laboratory has written materials that are used by employees to make sure that the work gets done correctly. This may include standard operating protocols and procedures, user guides, quality manuals, test tracking guides, personal files and much more. If you have been using traditional paper-based methods to manage your documents, the time has come to switch to a digital system. Laboratory document control software takes all the hardship out of managing paper files and keeps things sorted and easily accessible on the cloud.

Paper documents can get lost, stolen, edited or even destroyed by the forces of nature. If you are required to do an audit, you’ll need to be able to find all of the documents that have been requested and be able to present them to the auditor. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating proposition; if you cannot find the specific paper documents that you need, your company will have a problem.

It’s also vital to make sure that all documents remain updated and free of any errors. All results from any testing must be appropriately recorded, which can be done quickly when software for document control in a laboratory environment has been implemented. This will ensure that compliance is being met in the different areas.

Automation is the best way to keep all documents updated and free of errors. It also helps to maintain standardized activities so that quality management can remain at an all-time high.

Compliance Management Software

You must choose laboratory document control software to control all documents associated with legislative rules and regulations. These regulations have been put in place since many medical decisions will be made according to the results coming from your laboratory. Not only is it essential to prove that your company is trustworthy, but it’s the law.

Document control systems for labs also help to increase productivity in all departments. Everyone will know where the documents are stored and understand how to access them through the user-friendly dashboard. Whenever a new standard operating process is implemented, the data can be added to the system and shared with others. The lab manager will be able to check the progress of the new SOP by checking all the signatures and updates provided by the employees on the documents.

The compliance management software you choose should reside within a secure firewall for security reasons. Life science laboratories have documents that contain a lot of private information that must be kept as secure as possible. Ensuring your software is in a secure location provides the most security for storing documents to prevent any data leaks.

The information must also be restricted to only the employees that need to know about it. Many documents cannot be viewed as public information that can be shared with everyone in the company. There must be the ability to restrict who can access the documents to ensure that sensitive information is not being used without authorization.

Document Control Solutions for Quality Management

Laboratories must provide the highest standards of quality for the production of documents. Standard documentation can be set up using compliance management software and templates issued to employees. There is no room for error in medical laboratories, including the testing results’ documentation. The filing must be done correctly, and no documents can be lost, switched or overdue.

Everything must run like a well-oiled machine, and only a digital system can assure you that this has been put into place. Using software for document control in a laboratory environment keeps everything streamlined and automated, prioritizing accuracy and presenting materials in a clear, user-friendly way.

Types of Documentation for Medical Laboratories

There are many types of documents for medical labs that need to be controlled in a medical lab.

Policy Documents
Training Records
Calibration Records
Incident Reports

Software for document control in a laboratory environment must be chosen based on its merits and its ability to provide all of the security and functionality you would expect in a digital system. Learn more about our compliance management software at and request a demo to experience just how robust and intuitive this laboratory document control software is.