Paradigm 3

Paradigm 3 document control and compliance software at IQMH

Interax Group Inc is pleased to be sponsoring at the IQMH’s symposium April 3rd – 4th 2014 at the St Andrew’s Club and Conference Centre in Toronto, Ontario. This event designed for Pathology and Medical Laboratory professionals will focus on bringing a window on new trends and best practices in your industry. We will be on-site to answer any questions or requests on our Paradigm 3 compliance management software and how it can advance efficiency and quality in a laboratory setting. (more…)

Interax Group release Lean Six Sigma Module for Paradigm 3 Software

Paradigm Software Australia, developer of the Paradigm 3 document control software in conjunction with the Interax Group Inc introduces their new module for managing your lean six sigma program.

Lean Six Sigma is a program that combines the speed and impact of lean with the quality and variation control tools of Six Sigma enabling you to achieve rapid improvement in both operation and quality. (more…)

Paradigm 3 introduces a system forms style designer

The new Style Designer tool within Paradigm 3 enables end users to easily build and customize database type forms. The Style designer is developed to enable personnel to build and customize database forms with no assistance required from outside groups such as consultants or IT. Assuring that your system is completely customized quickly and easily to meet your requirements and needs. The style designer can be used in our Records module which is used to house static data, our Improvement module which is used where any investigative processes are required and in the Training modules which tracks and schedules training. (more…)