Paradigm 3

The Ultimate Software for Maintaining and Managing Training Records

Training is an important aspect of any business and keeping track of the records can get confusing even for a small company. As your industry continues to evolve it’s crucial that your employees receive the training they need to stay on top of the current technology and the latest trends. Our Paradigm 3 Training Module is fully customizable to suit your needs and can manage and track both the competency and the personnel training records of your workers.

The module can keep track of anything ranging from qualification records to the necessary training required for a specific individual. The forms provided offer flexibility and the system can send out notifications of any re-training needed. Using the search function an employer can quickly learn who has been trained and the type of training that may be required in the upcoming 3 months.

The system can be customized to meet all of your requirements for business training. You’ll have total control over the training management and won’t have to ever worry again about meeting compliance requirements. No matter what type of training is needed, including orientation training, on-site training, management courses or initial qualification training, you’ll be able to keep track of all of them in one place.

Let the Paradigm 3 Training Module do the heavy lifting for you. Manage all of your training records easily and set up the system to send out notifications when new training is required. Emails and internal modifications can be sent indicating the action items that have been assigned. There is no easier way to keep on top of the training that has either been done or needs to be accomplished in the future.

We can help with the initial setup of the training module and have it customized to meet the standards of your industry. Please give us a call today at 1-800-884-3160 X 707 if you have any questions at all about this training software or visit our site at to learn more about the entire range of Paradigm 3 functionalities.

Why Compliance Is so Important in Business

Compliance means that your business is conforming or obeying the regulations or rules set out by a governing body or set by the Law. Corporate management must ensure that all of the legalities and regulations are being followed to the letter in order to avoid harsh penalties or even lawsuits. Compliance must always be put as a priority for any type of business and there must be a system in place so that things can run smoothly without any type of regulatory complications.

Criminal charges may be laid when the laws of the land aren’t adhered to and this can put a business at risk. There are laws and regulations regarding staff management, advertising, selling and buying, the handling of stock, safety rules and much more. Depending on the size of the business, a compliance officer may be required to monitor the guidelines and the caseload through a system that includes software and extensive databases.

This software technology must be able to track and audit the information as necessary and send out notifications regarding any updates. There should be a line of compliance reporting that the employees know and understand and workers should have access to the databases to complete any compliance reports.

Compliance also helps to build up trust with consumers and helps to maintain the positive reputation of a company. Mandatory regulatory compliance can get complicated quickly when there isn’t a secure system in place to handle all of the different aspects involved with it.

Proper compliance management ensures that all issues and complaints by employees and consumers are handled promptly before they have a chance to balloon and quite possibly affect the whole company. When you have things set up properly everyone will know exactly what they are supposed to be doing in terms of compliance and will be able to work effectively knowing exactly what the rules are.
Learn more about the features that we provide on our compliance software at You can also call us here at the Interax Group at 1-800-884-3160 X 707 if you have any specific questions about our Paradigm 3 software.

Why Healthcare Facilities Must Implement Compliance and Document Software

The healthcare industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and by all accounts there will be more need for healthcare workers in the upcoming future. As baby boomers reach a ripe old age, the industry is struggling to keep up with all of the demands. This places a lot of strain on hospitals and medical centres, which in turn leads to time wasted on document and compliance management. It takes a lot of time to manage all aspects of the workflows involved and to review and update policies.

Procedures and policies must be kept up-to-date in the healthcare field. Liability issues can occur quickly when the right documents aren’t available for day-to-day tasks. Management software is the solution for any health care facility that still relies on paper-based methods for the management of documents.

It is possible to streamline the entire process of maintaining and upgrading documents through management solutions. At the Interax Group we offer Paradigm 3 software, which has proven to be an effective system for all types of health care facilities, including labs. When our software is implemented, time management and workflow is improved and productivity stats rise. For example, incident reports and document approvals can be done using customized forms that apply to the facility’s specific policies and procedures.
This type of structure also adds stability to the workplace with each employee understanding exactly what needs to be done. This stability alone contributes to a well-functioning whole, allowing each department and individual to contribute to the overall goals and purposes of the lab, medical centre or hospital.

The healthcare field in general needs to keep up with today’s modern advances in order to stay competitive and compliant. The Interax Group Inc. and the Paradigm 3 software give all employees the opportunity to act and do their tasks in a laser-focused manner. Time is of the essence when dealing with health care so it’s important to keep document and compliance management effective yet simple to keep everyone involved on the same track.

To find out more about the Paradigm 3 software and its many benefits please visit or call us today at 1-800-884-3160 X 707. We look forward to hearing from you and to answering your questions.