Paradigm 3 introduces a system forms style designer

Posted April 10, 2014

The new Style Designer tool within Paradigm 3 enables end users to easily build and customize database type forms. The Style designer is developed to enable personnel to build and customize database forms with no assistance required from outside groups such as consultants or IT. Assuring that your system is completely customized quickly and easily to meet your requirements and needs. The style designer can be used in our Records module which is used to house static data, our Improvement module which is used where any investigative processes are required and in the Training modules which tracks and schedules training.

This new tool means that end users with appropriate permissions can build and customize forms easily and quickly. It is as simple as selecting the type of field i.e. date field and selecting the location, then going on to the next field – it has become that simple to create your own form. Once the form is created the fields then become live enabling them to be searched and reports and analysis to be generated off them. Paradigms style designer even allows Word or Excel forms to be inserted directly into them with two clicks of a mouse.