Interax Group release Lean Six Sigma Module for Paradigm 3 Software

Posted April 9, 2014

Paradigm Software Australia, developer of the Paradigm 3 document control software in conjunction with the Interax Group Inc introduces their new module for managing your lean six sigma program.

Lean Six Sigma is a program that combines the speed and impact of lean with the quality and variation control tools of Six Sigma enabling you to achieve rapid improvement in both operation and quality.

Paradigm 3 Lean Six Sigma module provides the answer to a number of challenges for managing your program, including clear indication of status, complete outline of data to be collected, all project related information in one location available to all team members.

Our solution provides a step by step approach that collects data on integrated forms that follow the DMIAC process managing the project through all phases from development to control.

Paradigm Lean Six Sigma module is completely configurable to suit your process enabling you to design the content that is collected within each step. Gated approvals ensure each step of the DIAMC process is completed and signed off by assigned personnel. Paradigm 3 also provides the ability to attach supportive documents such as straw diagrams, process flows, photographs etc directly to the applicable step of the DIAMC project ensuring that the progress on the project and all applicable supportive documents are available through one portal.