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    In the last few years more and more government and business services have had to comply with a more regulated environment; whether that is to comply with the Sarbanes Oxley requirements or other compliance system requirements such as ISO 9001. The introduction of these systems has shown great benefits in ensuring organizations are more consistent in there approach and streamlined in the provision of these services.

    One of the main challenges in introducing and managing these programs is to ensure items and issues get dealt with in a timely manner. Tasks such as getting approvals and introducing new procedures and identifying and tracking customer complaints and CAPA’s can be a very time consuming effort that usually involves various follow up calls and emails.

    Another area that causes endless effort is keeping track of regularly scheduled tasks such as annual personnel assessments, scheduling meetings and ensuring procedures are reviewed on a regular basis. Paradigm 3 is designed to alleviate all of these time consuming mundane tasks. This will then enable you to focus on the main benefit of having a structured quality program, being able to review your system, knowing it is in control and look for areas of improvement.

    To enable you to manage your system, Paradigm 3 provides a suite of tools. These include:

    Document Control: Paradigm 3 will control documents and information in any file format to manage each control environment element including accounts, processes, requirements, procedures and work instructions.

    Training: Ensures that personnel are trained and ongoing qualifications are kept up to date.

    Auditing: Schedule and complete audits in a timely basis. Instigate and investigate CAPA, utilizing our targeted action items to ensure successful completion.

    Customer complaints: Manage customer complaints in a proactive manner using our totally customizable templates that guide you through initial complaint, through root cause analysis, to action planning and implementation.

    Risk Assessment: Define and document any and all risks utilizing a customized form in the Improvement generator. Assess and rate each individual risk for prioritization by analyzing risk based on established factors.

    Monitoring: Paradigm 3 has extensive search and report capabilities, allowing analysis and transparent accountability in compliance with requirements. Targeted action items ensure critical activities are completed. Scheduled action items ensure all documents and processes are monitored and reviewed on a scheduled basis.

    Implementing Paradigm 3 will ensure your systems are auditable, consistent and accountable, enabling you to feel confidant you are working in a controlled, structured environment.

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