Document Management Software for Forensic Laboratories

Posted October 14, 2021

Forensic laboratories need state-of-the-art document management software to ensure compliance with ISO 17025 and the regulations surrounding the industry. As each year goes by, the quality standards continue to rise which means that more time is being consumed ensuring that the regulations are being met. The Paradigm 3 document control and compliance software allows personnel to be notified when specific tasks must be performed. This may include reviewing documents, completing training requirements, addressing steps for corrective actions, etc. In order to bring best practices to the working environment, forensic laboratories need to have the best software available for managing documents.

Paradigm 3 Modules

Paradigm 3 consists of 4 modules that help you keep track of all of the stringent requirements for forensic laboratories. The modules in this document management software include the following:

Document Control Module

With this module, you will be able to manage all aspects of creating, reviewing, approving, and releasing documents. The action items are targeted so that the workflows seamlessly throughout the life cycle of a document. This includes the notification of scheduled revision logs and reviews.

Records Cabinet

This module helps to manage tasks such as vendor approvals, maintenance and calibration, customer assessments, MSDS tracking, asset management, and much more. Notifications are sent out for actionable items and assigned tasks. These tasks are performed within a certain timeframe and there is the ability to get them escalated. Other documents containing external information like calibration certificates or photos can be attached to the documents and directly integrated into records using the paperclip feature.

Corrective Actions, Consumer Complaints, and Non-Conformance Module

This module is an improvement generator that allows for processing as well as reporting on requirements. This is especially helpful for investigative workflows since it ensures that all steps have been carried out completely. It also ensures that the personnel that needs to know that certain tests have been completed are notified in a timely manner. Personnel will also have instant access to any issues that are outstanding.

Training Management Module

The training module offers the ability to manage and track all training and education that is required by employees. Managers can see at a moment’s notice who is qualified to carry out certain tasks and which employees are due for further training. It also lets personnel know when the next training is being offered and where it will occur.

Forensics Document Control Solution

Forensic sciences have had more visibility during recent years due to popular TV shows depicting crime laboratories as exciting and important. Forensic labs, however, have important challenges that they are facing including staff shortages and increased case workloads. Forensic personnel must meet stringent proficiency and training standards in all of the different disciplines. As well, forensic service organizations must constantly improve their understanding of the different disciplines and their scientific foundations.

New scientific research and publications are constantly being sent out to forensic labs requiring updating of procedures and processes this requires a robust document control solution to ensure the correct approvals and notification of changes to appropriate personnel has taken place. In order to keep track of compliance issues, it’s important to choose a document solution that monitors compliance for all of these different tasks.

Equipment Shortages in the Forensics Industry

Forensic labs are not only experiencing staff shortages but are also dealing with a lack of equipment. This means that thousands of cases get backlogged on a regular basis. Equipment shortages are a limiting factor in terms of processing casework. Forensics equipment is used for toxicology, trace evidence, latent prints, firearms investigations, and much more. Our records module can keep track of the equipment on hand and help determine the need for more.

A document control solution must also be in place to monitor the equipment in terms of its calibration and maintenance. The capacity for equipment must be increased as well as the tracking of maintenance measures for the equipment that is currently on-site.

Electronic Management System

There must be an electronic management system setup that is easy to run and easily accessible by all. Even the janitor that is keeping the forensics lab clean should be able to access his own vital documents. This means that the management system must be user-friendly even to people that do not have jobs that require a computer. Everyone from the top down should be considered as a vital part of the organization and provided with the necessary documents required to do the best job possible at all times.

There must be a system in place that allows employees to access only the documents that they need to view. Control systems must be implemented that block access to certain documents making them accessible only to employees that require them. The electronic management system must be versatile to meet the different needs of one forensics lab to the next based on its own capabilities and on the different infrastructures in place in various labs.

At Interax Group we can help you personalize your experience with the Paradigm 3 software to make it your own. A cookie-cutter type of software just isn’t going to make it in today’s world of compliance regulations and with the new methods of conducting investigations. Owners and managers of forensic labs must look for versatile software that can conform to today’s industry standards and the new standards that will be set tomorrow.

When you are looking for the best document management software for your forensics lab please visit our website now at When you’re on the site you’ll be able to request access to a free demo so that you can get a hands-on feel of the software at work and what it can provide to you. You can also get a free consultation from one of our software specialists regarding your specific needs for a document control solution. We can help you get something set up that will meet all of your requirements while helping your lab remain compliant.