Compliance and Document Software for Test Facilities

Posted August 18, 2017

Test laboratories can receive a number of benefits by using our Paradigm 3 Software including improved time management and workflow. The daily operations of these facilities will also experience better overall effectiveness with advanced productivity. Our system gives you complete control while being able to manage the regulations that you need to follow. Some of the laboratories that we have assisted with our software include medical, chemical, mechanical and forensic facilities.

Gain better control over your documents by using the right software that provides a proper workflow to the life cycle of your most important documents. All aspects of the document management can be controlled with our system from creation to release. When you require an investigative workflow you can count on the Paradigm 3 software to help with all processing and required reporting.

When necessary actions need to be carried out by an employee, our system will inform him immediately and he can have instant access to the information. Handling customer complaints, non-conformance issues and implementing corrective actions can now be systematized in an orderly fashion and all employees concerned will be able to follow the workflow of the data.

Our system also helps with training management and tracks the training and education required by each employee. You can find out who is qualified to carry out certain job tasks and who needs to be scheduled for more training.

Use our Records Cabinet feature to take care of asset management, customer assessment, vendor approvals, maintenance and much more. Notifications are sent out to individuals with assigned tasks and if they aren’t carried out on time the notifications will be automatically escalated. All necessary certificates and photographs can also be easily integrated into the system.

If you are working towards implementing a better system into your test laboratory, please contact the Interax Group today. You can find out more about the features that set us apart from any other document and compliance management system on the market today by visiting You can also give us a call at 1-800-884-3160 X 707 if you have any questions about our software and how it would benefit your specific facility.