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With Paradigm 3 it is no longer necessary to buy endless add on modules to manage all your compliance needs. Our system is made up of 4 modules with over 50 standard forms to meet all of your requirements for Quality, Safety and Environmental and by utilizing our form designer you can create new forms or redesign the ones supplied to ensure they exactly meet your needs.



Paradigm 3 flexible platform is built around four completely customizable main modules these module enable you to manage your Quality, Environmental and Safety systems utilizing our user friendly format.

Purchase options

This option enables you to purchase software at the time of installation the only additional fee following that is the annual license and support fee.

Stretch payments

This interest free option enables you to pay for the software over a period of time with the only payment once the software is paid in full the annual license and support fee.

SAS Model

This option provides a payment option that allows you to have the full functionality of our software either hosted on our Cloud or installed on yours for a monthly price with no up-front costs.

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