Calibration and Maintenance of Instruments and Equipment

Posted April 26, 2017

Keeping track of maintenance issues and calibration schedules has never been easier. The time wasted on managing just a small part of an overall company could be used in better ways. Our Paradigm 3 Calibration System works with any type of instrument or equipment to provide notifications regarding maintenance. The module is also customizable and maintenance notifications can be sent out for each individual piece of equipment.

Paradigm 3 takes the guesswork out of maintenance issues and ensures that all tasks are sent out to the specific personnel that are in charge of them. These notifications are sent out as emails and are also delivered within the system itself. If there are any calibration or maintenance tasks that are overdue, they will be identified in a clear manner.

Multiple tabs are provided on the maintenance and calibration forms for tracking purposes. The history of the equipment is also provided, which may include information records coming from service providers that aren’t a part of the company. With this system in place it’s possible to see a complete picture of the equipment history in regards to its service, maintenance and calibration records.

Keeping the proper records in an organized fashion and making sure that they are easily accessible is crucial when it comes to the life cycle of equipment. In many cases thousands of dollars can be saved on just one piece of equipment by ensuring that the proper service is done on time at regular intervals. For many companies, keeping up with the servicing of equipment has become a complicated process and at times it may be ignored completely when more important matters are at hand.

The equipment you use is part of the backbone of your company and must be handled with care. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your equipment and can prevent potential problems from arising. A malfunctioning unit can bring a part of the company to its knees if it doesn’t work properly when it’s needed the most.

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