How Document Control Software Can Improve Your ROI

How Document Control Software Can Improve Your ROI

Any company that hasn’t incorporated a document control software system into their record management must take a look at how it can improve their bottom line. Document management systems can improve the ROI of just about any business since you’ll be creating time and reducing effort along many lines of the organization.

Many companies will benefit in reduced costs from purchasing a document control system. Having software to manage your documents ensure you are confident in meeting your compliance goals. This creates a large saving in efforts to get documents reviewed, approved and released. Saving the cost and frustration of endlessly chasing signatures and results of periodic reviews.

Staff will also be able to work much more efficiently, which equates to more productivity and higher dollar amounts. Less staff may be required when document contol systems are in place since the software can establish routing systems that are defined according to different employees and the services provided.

When there is a lot of data to process with documents, new staff may be required. With management software you may be able to limit or even eliminate new hiring altogether. Documents will be much easier to find due to the software’s state-of-the-art indexing and searching capabilities and will be much easier to process.

At Interax we provide an electronic system for document control that is completely flexible and second-to-none. When you want to reduce the amount of time required to process documents and move them down the line easily, you have come to the right place. Please visit our website today at to learn more about our management software and how it can bring your business up to the next level.

The ABCs of Document Control Software

Document software streamlines a number of business processes and increases the efficiency of any business. No matter what type of industry or what size it is, management software can offer a lot of relief to businesses in the following ways.

  1. Manage literally thousand of documents and then retrieve the ones that are needed within a matter of seconds
  2. Automate manual processes that are extremely time-consuming and not cost-effective
  3. Protect confidential information
  4. Offer backup for records and files in case of disaster recovery
  5. Provide easy access to documents on mobile devices
  6. Easily share documents with other teams and colleagues

Document management can easily convert records, forms and documents into e-files with the click of a button. As well, the software must be able to provide top-notch security for all documents. The workflow functionality must also be automated to reduce the amount of tedious manual labour required. Folder structures must also be in place to store, organize and archive documents. The structure of these folders must match the needs of the company and must be able to be customized completely.

Documents must remain extremely easy to access from both mobile and desktop computers and employees should be able to edit any and all documents as required from all types of devices. This allows workers to access what they need when they are away from their desks or when they are out of their offices. These days, employees are much more mobile and need the flexibility to work from different areas.

Learn more about our state-of-the-art document management software and how it will meet the specifications required by your company by visiting our website at We look forward to introducing you to the only management software you’ll ever need for your important documents.

IQMH Fall Forum 2018

The Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH) is hosting their Fall Forum 2018 at the Westin Harbour Castle hotel, in Toronto Canada November 2nd 2018. The subject of this year’s forum is “Point of Care Testing.”

Point of Care Testing (POCT) is medical diagnostic testing done out of the clinical laboratory in close proximity to where the patient is receiving care. POCT is typically performed by non-laboratory personnel and the results are used for clinical decision making.

IQMH states this year’s forum will be a comprehensive exploration of the issues surrounding POCT aimed at lab, nursing directors, hospital administration and anyone involved in POCT.

Topics being covered include:

  • Showcasing new technologies and innovations.
  • Highlighting the interpersonal relationships between nursing, physicians and POCT lab personnel.
  • Understanding the current and evolving regulatory environment.
  • Spotlighting the patient perspective and patient self-care.
  • Presenting ways to overcome barriers with compliance and competency assessment.
  • Exploring utilization and financial considerations.
  • Considering the digital aspects such as the use of smartphone technology.
  • What are the true needs of patients and primary care providers?
  • How will point-of-care and personalized medicine shape health care for consumers? 

IQMH provides accreditation, proficiency testing and education with the objective of elevating diagnostic testing to the highest possible levels.  Starting in 1974 as the Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program and developing into IQMH over the years through Ontario’s desire to have all licensed labs assessed for their competency.

The keynote speaker this year is Dr. Carl Wittwer, Director of Flow Cytometry and the Advanced Technology Group at Associated Regional and University Pathologists, Salt Lake City, Utah.

He will present Critical and Point-of-Care Testing: Real World and Emerging Applications for Improved Clinical Outcomes 

Paradigm 3 Compliance Management Software will again be present at the event, and they have been attending for the past several years and have had the chance to interact with many of Ontario healthcare professionals.  Features of the software that are helpful for healthcare include:

  • Compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Confidence info is accurate, up to date and readily available
  • Complete Document Control of all known formats
  • Complete document audit trails of reviews, approvals and changes to documents within the system.
  • Extensive security system which limits users to see only what they have authority to see.

To find out more visit our website or contact Lynne at