The Top Benefits of Using a Document Control Solution

All forms of documents are an essential part of managing any company. The management of business information can be a daunting task. A documentcontrol solution that accepts, stores and then retrieves electronic documents can provide a number of different benefits to any type of organization. Paper documents have fallen by the wayside and have been replaced with […]

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Posted January 20, 2021

Top Best Practices for Enterprise Document Management Software in Your Organization

When it comes to enterprise document management software it’s important to pick out the best of the best to make sure that your company runs smoothly. Document software gives companies the opportunity to store, transform and exchange digital documents using a network. Physical paperwork can be kept to a bare minimum and document management can be streamlined […]

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Posted December 12, 2020

3 Major Risks of Choosing an Ineffective Document Management System

3 Major Risks of Choosing an Ineffective Document Management System If your document control system isn’t working for you any longer it’s time to look at the benefits of setting up a digital document control system. The documents you have and manage are the bread and butter of your business and should be considered a […]

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Posted December 2, 2020

5 Must-Have Features for Your Document Management Software

5 Must-Have Features for Document Management Software There have been many new advancements that have been made over the years regarding software for managing documents and these programs are now more effective than ever. The best document control software will help your business optimize performance, provide enhanced security, increase efficiency and save valuable office space. […]

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Posted October 26, 2020


HOW DO YOU SUCCESSFULLY AUDIT DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC? Companies and organizations of all types and sizes are facing auditing challenges that have never encountered before. Firstly, do you have to audit? The answer is absolutely YES. An audit gives an assured sense that workplace activities are being conducted safely and to industry standards and that […]

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Posted September 16, 2020


HOW DOES ISO 9001 CONTRIBUTE TO CREATING A DYNAMIC WITHIN A LONG-TERM CARE HOMES COMMUNITY (RESIDENTS, STAFF, FAMILIES) THAT HELPS SUSTAIN AN OPTIMAL QUALITY OF LIFE? Taking into account the expectations of key interested parties in the management system – in this case, the residents, their families, and the staff – is a requirement of […]

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Posted July 11, 2020

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Electronic Document Files Organized

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Electronic Document Files Organized Once your business reaches a certain level, the number of documents becomes unmanageable unless a realistic and high-quality organization system is put into place. Your options for storing documents include keeping them on your mobile device, laptop, desktop or on the cloud. Gone are the […]

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Posted May 27, 2020

Document Compliance Software for Labs & Hospitals

Document Compliance Software for health care and labs As a lab technician you need the best compliance and document control software available on the market. When you don’t have time to micromanage all of your documentation and find that it is becoming overwhelming, take a look at the Paradigm 3 software. It is service-specific and […]

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Posted May 20, 2020

Is ISO 9001-2015 Still Relevant to Organizations in 2020?

No matter what industry your organization belongs to, it’s important that your quality standards and those of your customers are consistently reached in order to be successful. Your reputation and marketing goals depend on it. To make sure that this goal is reached, many organizations adopt an ISO 9001 standard, but is it still relevant? […]

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Posted April 27, 2020

The Best Compliance Management Software for Small Businesses

These days, every small business needs to be working with compliance management software. There is no way to keep track of all of the administrative duties other than through the use of software. It’s not enough to keep physical folders and paperwork in file cabinets anymore. Those days are long gone. It used to be […]

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Posted January 4, 2020