5 Tips to Help Keep Your Electronic Document Files Organized

Posted May 27, 2020

5 Tips to Help Keep Your Electronic Document Files Organized

Once your business reaches a certain level, the number of documents becomes unmanageable unless a realistic and high-quality organization system is put into place. Your options for storing documents include keeping them on your mobile device, laptop, desktop or on the cloud. Gone are the days when only paper trails could define a business. Now, we rely on storage solutions that are not physical but rather electronic in nature.

If you’re having a problem getting your files organized, here are 5 helpful tips you can use right away to help get things sorted out.

1. Keep All Documents in One Place
It can be difficult trying to find a file or two when they are located in different areas on your computer. Instead, keep them all together using one root folder. This way, the files can be located much faster. It’s a lot easier to find files when they are all located under one root folder.

2. Folder Hierarchy
The next thing you need to do after creating the root folder is to make a logical hierarchy to make finding files as easy as possible. Imagine the folders that are located below the root folder as the drawers in a filing cabinet. What should you name them? Make a plan for this before starting to organize your files.

3. Folders within Other Folders
Other folders can be created within the main folders. These can be planned ahead of time as well but the majority will be created as you move your business forward.

4. Keep It Simple
Try to keep everything as simple as possible so that this does not become a complex system. The idea is to be able to find files quickly and logically. Give all folders simple names that directly reflect the type of content within them.

5. Use the Cloud
One of the best things to do for your business in order to help facilitate rapid expansion is to use the cloud for document storage and organization. This is a system that provides the security you need and the ability to create easy storage solutions that can be accessed and shared by others within your company. You’ll be able to decide which ones are shared and who they will be shared with. You’ll have complete control over the software and can customize it to meet the needs of your business.

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