5 Must-Have Features for Your Document Management Software

Posted October 26, 2020

5 Must-Have Features for Document Management Software

There have been many new advancements that have been made over the years regarding software for managing documents and these programs are now more effective than ever. The best document control software will help your business optimize performance, provide enhanced security, increase efficiency and save valuable office space. When you use a full function document control and compliance system you will find access to information to be seamless and intuitive.

It can be confusing, however, when you first start looking at the different types of software that are currently available on the market. They come with a variety of features and options and it can be difficult to pinpoint the most important features that you need for your company.

Here are the 5 must-have features you should look for when choosing management software for your documents:

Top-Level Security

Most businesses have document and data that needs to be managed, collated and stored. Security need to be layered to enable various employees throughout your organization to have access to the specific types of information they need. This will allow quick simple intuitive access to all relevant documents to the end users.

Keeping information on a central drive is confusing and prone to inducing errors into your system. By having a security system that manages who can do what in which folder and tracking those actions enables you to have peace of mind your system is in control.

User-Friendly Platform

The program should be designed to give easy accessibility to different employees. While some employees will have a lot of technical knowledge, others may not. The best document control software will offer a wide range of options and features that make the system user friendly.

There should also be simple ways to categorize the documents so that they are easy to find. Employees should not have to spend a lot of time searching through documents that are not organized. The search functions and tools should provide the following options for categorizing the files:

● By date
● By meta-data
● Using document types
● By a word in the text

When a document control solution offers the methods mentioned above amongst others, searches can be made with maximum efficiency.

Automated Platform in Document Management System

Automation is your best friend when it comes to document management. Look for software that provides workflow automation so that the program routes documents automatically through reviews and approval cycles. When there are documents that need to be sent out to different employees, you should have confidence that the program will send out notification of document changes to every person in the business that requires them and records their agreement they have read them.

This is a huge time saver and a key feature that you must be looking for in a program for document control.

Seamless Integration

Make sure that the software you choose is compatible with the software and hardware that your company is using now. This includes ensuring your system can integrate with Microsoft Office and display on mobile devices.

Contact the management company ahead of time and talk to a tech consultant that can let you know how the document program will work with your current operating system.

Integrated Additional Modules

Ensure software has additional modules to enable you to manage all your compliance system. Modules to manage training and competency , corrective actions, customer complaints, calibrations, asset management and vendor approvals are great add on to provide a rounded solution to your compliance management system.

This will ensure that as your need grow your system will grow with you and you do not have small disconnected systems throughout your organization.

ISO Document Control Software

When you’re searching for the best management solution available, look at Paradigm 3 document control software. It offers all the features and options you would require for document control and compliance management at your business and it can be customized to meet your company’s specific needs.

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