Calibration / Maintenance

Paradigm 3’s versatile and user-friendly Calibration System is compatible with all types of equipment and instrument calibration or maintenance notifications. Customize the module to suite your organization’s requirements and receive instant analysis of all your available equipment and tools and benchmarking information.

Calibrations are made easy with automatic notifications that can be scheduled for distribution according to each piece of equipment and their associated calibration/maintenance dates. Notification results are then stored permanently within the traceability system for easy reference by staff and auditors.

Paradigm 3’s Calibration System’s extensive features offer function and form that is critical to the performance of any organization. Plus, you can be reassured that all processes are kept within controlled limits at all times.

Paradigm 3 Calibration System offers the following features and benefits:

Tracking calibration/maintenance status of equipment

Paradigm 3 calibration software provides completely customizable forms to identify equipment and ensure all required calibration and maintenance is completed. Our software sends out targeted action items to specific personnel to ensure that required tasks are completed on time.

Notifications of calibrations/maintenance via e-mail

Action items are delivered both within the system and also via email in a concise list. This list is delivered daily to the person’s inbox clearly identifying all action items throughout the system that are assigned to you. This list is in date order and clearly identifies any that are overdue.

Escalation of overdue notifications

On time calibration and maintenance is critical to ensuring continued performance of any process. Paradigm 3 provides the ability to set an escalation on any task that is not completed within the assigned timeframe, ensuring critical equipment is maintained and providing consistent readings at all times.

Provides full history of equipment

Paradigm 3 calibration and maintenance forms enable multiple tabs for tracking various aspects of the equipment such as purchasing information, location, repair costs and service requirements. Our software also enables servicing records and information from outside sources to be easily attached to the form. This along with the ability to link that information to anywhere throughout the system provides a complete picture of the lifecycle of the equipment.

Search Capabilities

Paradigm 3 provides extensive searching capabilities not only searching by equipment type or location field but also the ability to do layered searches that involve multiple fields giving you quick and concise results that pinpoint the records you specifically need.

Comprehensive reporting of data

We provides the ability to rapidly analyses data utilizing our flexible analysis tool integrated into this module. We also provide the ability to export data into other formats such as excel for further analysis.